What is it that separates a photograph from fine art? It's the capability of the image to speak to the soul, to tap into one’s emotions, to transcend the capabilities of the camera and lens. It is the eye of the artist who brings the elements of composition, color, light and shadow together to create a meaningful image, one that resonates somewhere within, and ultimately brings the viewer into the scene itself. It is more than just a re-creation of the scene as shot, it is a visceral interpretation of that moment in time.

In my approach to photography, I consider the original, un-edited image as a painter would a sketch, a starting point from which to begin the transformation from simple photograph to a work of fine art. I have always looked to the quiet, "off the beaten track" places of personal reflection as my subject matter, with the goal of providing a subject, beginning a story, and sharing with you the experience of that moment. I hope that you enjoy my work, and that when you view my photographs, you will say, "I would like to go there."

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